Have More Of What You Really Want:

New and Loyal Customers

More Reviews = More Business

What holds you back?

  • Uncomfortable asking for reviews or referrals because you worry that it might upset the client

  • Tired of forgetting to check for and respond to incoming reviews and referrals in a timely manner

  • So busy running your business you haven’t set up a convenient way to get, manage, and respond to reviews and referrals

The truth is, these cost you business.

Introducing: Assured Review & Referral

Out with the OLD

In with the NEW

This future could be yours now

  • Look like a pro and never forget to ask for a Review

  • Make it Easy for your Solopreneurs, Coaches, & Small Businessess to post 5-Star reviews

  • Pre-written messages so you don't have to

  • Track referrals to show appreciation and build loyalty

  • Get instant alerts about negative reviews so you can respond quickly.

Assured Review & Referral Includes

  • Done For You Service - Request reviews & referrals in a timely manner

  • Invite your Solopreneurs, Coaches, & Small Businessess to leave reviews on up to four review platforms

  • Professionally written copy includes reminders and Thank You messages

  • Send up to every month

  • Optional referral rewards programs

STOP Leaving Money on the Table

  • 73% of people agree that old reviews are not reliable

  • 90% of people use online reviews to decide what to buy

  • Referrals are 4 times more likely to buy

  • Stand out with more 5-Star Reviews

  • Referrals often become long term Solopreneurs, Coaches, & Small Businessess

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Assured Review & Referral is specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs who provide goods and services. This is not an HR tool to get employee feedback.

Will this help me remember to ask for reviews?

Yes! Our process does it for you.

How does this increase the number of reviews I get?

Instead of having awkward conversations or forgetting all about it, our system easily builds consistency in asking for reviews so you can get more of them.

Do I have to write my own messages?

No, we already have professionally written templates for you to use.

Will my clients feel like I’m pressuring them?

No. Our messaging is designed as a friendly request and you have choices about when and how often to engage. Most customers are willing to give a referral when invited but do not think to offer it unless asked.

If someone gives a bad review will they be asked for a referral?

No. Our process alerts you so you can respond quickly.

Can I reward people for giving referrals?

Yes, just ask about our incentive programs.


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